In the online e-shop You can shop and make orders anytime, any day of the week. There are no working hour’s limits, so you can shop 24/7. Placing of order is done through online check-out process. During check-out You will be given opportunity to check and correct your order for the possible mistakes. We will send via email order acknowledgement with order details, after You confirm the purchase.

We may refuse to accept the order in these cases:

- ordered items are not available any more (in this case we reserve the right offer to You similar products);

- we cannot obtain authorization of your payment;

- if was pricing or product description error;

- if you do not meet any eligibility criteria set out in our terms and conditions.

We will confirm order via email upon receiving payment. In case if ordered items are not available in stock or we have too little ordered items in stock, we are be able to obtain needed quantities during 1 – 5 working days. We will notice You via separate email about shipping date and possible arrival time to your country.

Also tracking number of shipment will be provided for You as well. In some cases You may want cancel the order. It can be done by following these procedures:

- notifying us by email before we have shipped the ordered items to you;

- after goods were shipped to You, by returning goods according rules and regulations described in Return policy.

For any further questions, please contact the online shop consultants. Email for contacts: