1. General information. Purchasing – selling terms and conditions is juridical document, which determines Buyer (further – „You“) and Seller (further – „www.e-scent.lt“ or “We”) rights, duties and responsibilities during the purchasing process of goods from online shop www.e-scent.lt (further – „e-shop“).

2. The right to purchase products in the e-shop have:

- capable adults, not younger than 18 years and whose ability is not limited by court order;

- younger than 18 years with parental or guardian consent;

- legal entities (corporate).

3. In order to place an order for the purchase of one or more products, You must fill out the electronic order form with needed data to process and to send the order to you. In information fields You will need to release following personal data: name and surname, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address. Corporate buyers additionally will need to provide company data such as registration and VAT numbers.

4. During filling out forms You must use Latin letters. Names, surnames, place names must begin with capital letter. It is necessary to provide precise street address, number and postal code. This we need for delivery and as well for issuing the invoice.

5. You are responsible for correctness of the data. If data, provided for us will be misleading, we will not be able to fulfill the order and we don’t take the responsibility for the aroused consequences. You are responsible for the actions made, while making any steps in e-shop. You are responsible for the transitions of identification code to any of the third parties. If, the third party is using Your identification code, then You are responsible for their made actions. We are not responsible for any other information appeared in other companies web sites, even if You get to those pages through the links of our e-shop.

6. We are obligated to You, that we will not transfer confidential information, given by You to us to third parties, unless it will be required to be disclosed by law or other competent Lithuanian Republic or European Union institutions.

7. The contract between You and www.e-scent.lt may be concluded from the moment then You press button “Pay” after You have put selected goods in your cart.

8. It is prohibited:

- to copy, use, distribute, retrieve the information or its contents without the prior written consent from www.e-shop.lt;

- to use of computer programs which can harm the online shop work or to interfere with other activities the www.e-shop.lt performance.

9. We reserve the right to:

- correct the information contained in the page;

- restrict the customers from accessing the e-shop which do not follow rules;

- persons, who do not comply with these rules and are engaged in malicious activity, to bring to justice.

10. New e-shop rules and regulations come in to effect right after publishing them. You should check this Website from time to time to review the current terms and conditions, because they are binding on You. Certain provisions of these rules and regulations may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages of this Website. If You do not wish to accept any new terms and conditions after we have given notice, You should not continue to use this Website.

For any further questions, please contact the online shop www.e-scent.lt consultants. Email for contacts: eshop@lietuvoskvapas.lt.